Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Ever since my grandma fell on her hips 2 years ago and couldn’t walk by her own, my uncle decided to get a maid to take care of her. The 1st maid was hiring thru this agency call Agensi Pekerjaan Princeton Sdn Bhd, which located at Kepong Desa Kompleks. The sales person who serve us name Alice Goh (her mobile 012 – 313 71xx). We didn’t face any problem for the 1st maid, in fact the maid was good. Until the maid decided to leave the country after her 2 years of service, my uncle got no choice but to get another new maid to replace. Again, thru the same agency & same sales person mentioned above.

This time round, due to the maid issues between our country and Indonesia, Alice told us that it will be hard to get an Indonesian maid to enter Malaysia. Even so, we might have to wait for a few months time (maybe 1-2 months). In that case, my uncle & auntie decided to get a Cambodian maid instead. Reason being they need the maid to come as soonest possible in order to taking care of my grandma, and they can’t wait any longer for the new maid to come. Alice told us that we couldn’t get a new maid immediately, but if we urge to get a maid right before the old maid leave, we can hire under another person’s name and she can help us to settle it under table if that person is not qualified. E.g. monthly salary couldn’t reach the requirement, still single, etc. She even told me that she can help me to prepare fake pay-slips in order to get the thing done. My mom and my auntie asking if they can use my name to hire the new maid, by going thru the under table process. (Note: I am still single and i doubt my salary is qualify for a maid). Alice ensure that there will have no problem at all in the future and she stated that a lot of Datuk & Datin (her clients, I presume) are going thru the same process in her company to get maids from her. Obviously, I would not take this offer and rejected her immediately.

In fact, I seek for advices from a cousin of mine who had a maid at home. Her advice was to get a 2nd maid under my uncle’s name. Although it could be a bit pricey but we will not have to wait for weeks for the maid to come. But this Alice keep saying that this cannot be done and it’s very expensive (I doubt that it will be more pricey than the money we pay for her under table)!

My uncle, who also worry that will be caught into trouble, decided to follow the norm process, with the promise from Alice the new maid will be arriving in 3 weeks time which is by end of September 2010. Meaning, we will only have an interval of 3 weeks time without maid before the new maid could probably come to Malaysia. On 27th September 2010, my auntie trying to contact Alice after so many days, to check with her whether the maid has arrived. Alice wasn’t around but her colleague picked up the call. My auntie told her colleague if the maid still hasn't arrive, can she get a temporary maid instead. The colleague told my auntie that the maid is here already and will be sending to her soon after going thru all the procedures. Just few hours later, Alice called my auntie and saying that the maid is not here yet and the earliest date the maid could probably come is end of October! My auntie was so upset and angry and Alice refuse to refund even a single cent too. Since then, Alice has totally ignore my auntie’s calls for days! We only manage to get her through by using another auntie's mobile. And the next thing we got from her was all the crap excuses, e.g. the new maid run away, they refuse to leave their country, bla bla bla... and the conclusion from yesterday evening (29th September 2010) was we still have to wait for another 2 months!!

Never ever taking up the service from someone is unprofessional like Alice. The only thing they want from you is your money, but never provide services that worth for what you have paid to!




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